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        1. Kenneth H. Sheffield, Jr.

          Kenneth H. Sheffield, Jr. headshot
          Kenneth H. Sheffield, Jr.

          Executive Vice President, Operations / Engineering / Facilities

          In August 2015, Ken Sheffield was appointed Executive Vice President STAT, WAT & Corporate Engineering and became Executive Vice President, Operations/Engineering/Facilities in May 2017. He is responsible for overseeing the South Texas Asset Team, Western Asset Team and Corporate Engineering. Sheffield is also a member of Pioneer’s Management Committee.

          Prior to his current role, he was Executive Vice President, South Texas Operations. Sheffield has also served as Senior Vice President, Operations & Engineering to lead the Rockies, Mid-Continent and Barnett Shale Asset Teams, as well as Pioneer's corporate engineering and sustainable development efforts. Ken has also served as Vice President, Corporate Engineering.

          Beginning in 2004, Sheffield served as President of Pioneer’s wholly owned Alaska subsidiary to establish and grow Pioneer’s operations in the state. In June, 2008, production commenced from the Oooguruk oil field in the shallow waters of the Beaufort Sea, establishing Pioneer as the first independent operator in the history of Alaska’s North Slope.

          Sheffield has served Pioneer in leadership positions since the company’s founding in 1997. He served as President and Vice President of Pioneer’s wholly owned Canadian subsidiary from 1999 to 2003. During 1997 and 1998, he served as Vice President & General Manager of the Gulf Coast Division in Houston. Earlier in his career with Mesa, a predecessor company to Pioneer, Ken served as Vice President, Acquisitions & Development during 1997 and Manager, Acquisitions & Engineering in 1996. Ken worked in a number of supervisory and technical positions from 1982 to 1996 with assignments in drilling, production, reservoir engineering and acquisitions.

          Sheffield holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. In 2016, he was inducted into the Texas A&M Academy of Distinguished Graduates of the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering. Sheffield currently serves on the Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering Industry Board and the board of Bryan’s House, a non-profit organization in Dallas, Texas.