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        1. Management

          Scott D. Sheffield
          Scott D. Sheffield

          President and CEO

          Mark S. Berg
          Mark S. Berg

          Executive Vice President, Corporate Operations

          Black, Bonnie
          Bonnie S. Black

          Vice President, Drilling

          Chris J. Cheatwood headshot
          Chris J. Cheatwood

          Executive Vice President, Field Development and Emerging Technology

          Richard P. Dealy headshot
          Richard P. Dealy

          Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

          John C. Distaso headshot
          John C. Distaso

          Senior Vice President, Marketing

          Hagens Bob
          Robert C. Hagens

          Senior Vice President, Land

          J.D. Hall headshot
          J.D. Hall

          Executive Vice President, Operations

          William F. Hannes
          William F. Hannes

          Senior Vice President, Special Projects

          Mark H. Kleinman
          Mark H. Kleinman

          Executive Vice President and General Counsel

          Kuiper, Craig
          Craig Kuiper

          Vice President, Production Operations

          McDonald Beth
          Beth McDonald

          Vice President, Permian Strategic Planning and Field Development

          Margaret M. Montemayor
          Margaret M. Montemayor

          Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

          Thomas J. Murphy headshot
          Thomas J. Murphy

          Corporate Secretary

          Thaddeus J. Owens headshot
          Thaddeus J. Owens

          Vice President, Communications and Government Relations

          Christopher M. Paulsen
          Christopher M. Paulsen

          Vice President, Business Development

          Neal H. Shah
          Neal H. Shah

          Vice President, Investor Relations

          Kenneth H. Sheffield, Jr. headshot
          Kenneth H. Sheffield, Jr.

          Executive Vice President, Operations / Engineering / Facilities

          Stephanie D. Stewart headshot
          Stephanie D. Stewart

          Vice President and Chief Information Officer

          Taylor, Tyson
          Tyson Taylor

          Vice President, Human Resources